Pensioners treated to breakfast at NA Post Office


By Malisa Playter


As pensioners waited in the scorching sun to receive their monthly benefits at the New Amsterdam Post Office this week, they were treated to a healthy breakfast, compliments of Banks DIH.


The over 300 Pensioners from New Amsterdam and its environs welcomed the initiative which was spearheaded by the Area Manager of Banks DIH Mr. Reginald Matthews.


Mr. Lawrence Canterbury
Mr. Lawrence Canterbury

Speaking to one of the recipients Mr. Lawrence Canterbury he related that, “sometimes we wait very long hours to get paid and most of us are here since very early in the morning and most of us have nothing to eat.” He pointed out that it was a pleasant initiative and he will be looking forward to seeing a continuous trend.

Mr. Tyrone Medford
Mr. Tyrone Medford

Another pensioner, Mr. Tyrone Medford, lauded the company for being considerate noting that “even though Banks DIH is such a large company i have always known the company to look after the interest of the poor small man and those in need.”


News Room during a brief interview with the Sales Manager of the Berbice Branch Mr. Joshua Torrezao, he stated that the initiative was done “in keeping with (the company’s) corporate responsibility to the community.”


According to him, “we thought that this would be a good demonstration of showing that we care for those around us, more so our elders who have worked hard and contributed to our success in some way or the other.”


The Sales Manager disclosed that the initiative will continue in the future but will see them stretching across other Post Offices in the region.


It was observed that pensioners would normally be at the Post Offices from as early as 5:00am to be able to complete their transactions early. However, given the number of persons, some remain until noon in the lines.


The treats consisted of pastries, hot tea, juice and sandwiches prepared by the Quik Serv outlet in Berbice.

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