Region six RDC to take full responsibility for Amerindian Hostel following allegations of illegal activities there


By Royan Abrams


The Regional Democratic Council (RDC) in region six has taken a decision to resume full responsibility of the Amerindian Hostel situated in Stanleytown New Amsterdam following allegations of wrong doings by officials currently managing the facility.


Speaking with News Room on the issue chairperson of the Social Development Committee of the New Amsterdam Municipality, Patricia Lynch explained that the building is in a bad state and that urgent intervention is needed.


“The living condition under which the Amerindian community is forced to adhere  is bad even the children don’t have any furniture to do their work on so they would have to use the floor to do their home work and parents complained about that, ” Lynch said.


She added that some other issues include the lack of a proper sanitation facility, lack of security and also allegations that persons are asked to pay for their stay at the hostel which is free.


“There are also reports that teenagers living at the hostel would leave at all hours and return whenever they feel like,” Lynch explained.


After being informed of the situation, regional chairman Permaul Armogan disclosed that plans are on stream to conduct rehabilitation works on the facility, noting that “we will start work soon on the hostel which we have decided to take full responsibility for because it use to be looked after by the ministry of indigenous peoples affairs but we pay the caretaker.”


He added that the council was responsible for certain aspects of the operation at the Amerindian Hostel.


According to Armogan, representations will be made for finances to be included in the 2017 budget for other works to be conducted on the Hostel .


The New Amsterdam Hostel has been in existence for over a decade and is expected to provide rooms for Amerindians coming out of the Berbice River area to transact business, as well as students attending schools in New Amsterdam, free of cost.


According to the regional chairman, when rehabilitation works are completed on the facility, children attending schools in New Amsterdam from Baracara up the Canje Creek will also be welcomed to stay at the Hostel.


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