Reports show that there is nothing illegal about parking meter system


Minister of State Joseph Harmon today confirmed that two reports were presented to the cabinet with regards to the Parking Meter System and the conclusion is that the contract is legal.


Attorney General and Minister of Legal Affairs, Basil Williams and Finance Minister, Winston Jordan presented these reports.


According to the State Minister, there is nothing illegal with the contract between the Mayor and City Council and the provider Smart City Solutions, however,the findings show that the terms and conditions were heavily in favour of the concessionaire.


The recommendation is for the M&CC to engage an accountant to review the contract with regards to the rates and fees.


Harmon noted that “these recommendations of cabinet were given to the Minister of Communities who has overall jurisdiction for all the councils and speaking to Minister Bulkan this morning he has advised me that he has written the council accordingly advising them about the two documents that had been prepared by the Ministry of Finance and the Minister of Legal Affairs and recommending a course of action to be taken as was the recommendation of the Minister of Legal Affairs.”




The Minister said while a deadline was not set for the completion of the consultation with the accountant, Minister of Communities, Ronald Bulkan was given the “full scope” to address the matter with the M&CC.



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