Four in custody for brutalising and robbing Corentyne Family


By Royan Abrams

Four men have been arrested following an early morning robbery at Lot 2 Seawell Turn, Corentyne, Berbice on Friday.


Speaking with the News Room earlier today, one of the victims, Deoram Wearty disclosed that it was about 3:00 hours, while he was in his bed that he heard someone walking on the zinc of his home. He said that at the time, he took it for nothing serious.


The man said his 18 and 21-year-old sons occupy the upper flat of the home while he usually sleeps on the lower flat.

The victim's home
The victim’s home

According to Wearty, it was when he heard his sons shouting that thieves were in the building that he realised something was amiss and rushed upstairs.


“Me big son started shouting ayo nah do meh nothing ayo nah do meh nothing and then a gunshot fire, they ask for the light and to put on the light and they see the next room door lock and they push the door but my second son was inside pushing the door to prevent them from going in” the man related.


After hearing the gunshot the teen released the door and was dragged out of his room and placed in the hallway with his elder brother.

Hole left from gunshot in the roof of the victims home
Hole left from gunshot in the roof of the victims home

The man said there were six bandits in the home and three of them began hitting the father and his sons about their bodies with a cutlass and a piece of wood while demanding cash and gold.


The traumatised victims handed over a quantity of cash and gold to the perpetrators who escaped into a nearby savannah.


Commander of ‘B’ Division, Ian Amsterdam while speaking with reporters related that so far the police were able to recover two spent shells at the scene and arrested four persons from the Canje area.

Commander Ian Amsterdam
Commander Ian Amsterdam

Amsterdam noted that the trend of robbery in the Berbice area has changed and are now occurring in the mornings. He noted that from investigations, the bandits are always masked which would suggest that there are specific groups in various areas in Berbice conducting the robberies.


“When robbery use to be before midnight, we are now seeing robberies shifted to after midnight and what we getting now is the kick down break in kind of robbery in the area so there is a new trend” he disclosed


He added that the police have an idea how the groups are operating and that all the force need is the evidence to link the suspects to the crime which he said is a bit difficult.

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