“Our culture, Earth’s Future-save the environment, live the indigenous way”- Indigenous Affairs Month 2016


It’s almost September and that month where Guyanese join in celebrating the contributions of the nation’s first people. This year’s observances will be focusing on Amerindians’ contributions to the green economy, reflected in the theme “Our culture, Earth’s Future-save the environment, live the indigenous way.”


The Ministry of Indigenous Peoples’ Affairs on Friday launched Indigenous Affairs Month 2016 at the Umana Yana, Kingston, Georgetown.


This year’s Heritage village is Mainstay/Whyaka, Region Two, Pomeroon-Supenaam.


The celebrations will commence with an inter-faith service on Thursday, September 1, 2016 at the Umana Yana and will continue with the traditional, games, art exhibition, school lectures, educational school tours, Heritage village, sports, and food and craft exhibition, cultural extravaganza, and heritage dinner among other annual events.

The Team that's responsible for the successful hosting of the 2016 Month of Activities. L-R- Chairman of the National Toshao's Council and Toshao of Mainstay/Whayaka Joel Fredricks - Heritage Village , Claire Emmanuel, Shavon Joseph, Educational Lecturers Clyde Edwards,  Anil Roberts, Minister Valerie Garrido-Lowe, Vice President and Minister of Indigenous Peoples Affairs Sydney Allicock, Anil Roberts, Jude Da Silva, Ovid Williams, Communications Officer Alethea Grant-Charles, Dexter Glasgow.
The Team that’s responsible for the successful hosting of the 2016 Month of Activities.

Minister of Indigenous Peoples’ Affairs Sydney Allicock underscored that the country’s first people preserve and protect the forest; they contribute to Guyana’s position among the top countries in the fight against global warming.


The Minister further noted that during the month-long celebrations, it is important for Amerindians to remember their roots, struggles and achievements.


“We must always be proud of who we are, where we came from and all the significant contributions of our people to Guyana,” Minister Allicock said.


Minister within the Ministry of Indigenous Peoples’ Affairs, Valerie Garrido-Lowe urged Guyanese to join in the celebrations and recognise the country’s first people.


“As we celebrate Guyana’s Jubilee independence, the organising committee at the Ministry of Indigenous Peoples’ Affairs, headed by Anil Roberts, has planned numerous exciting activities for the month of September. We are asking all Guyanese to join us to celebrate portions of our culture,” Garrido-Lowe said.

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