Cotton Tree teens chopped during robbery


A young man and his friend rushed to assist his father who was being robbed and in the process suffered several chops about their bodies.


18-year-old Jomal Goriah received two chops about his body while Alex Mohabir received a chop to his right hand. However, his father Deodat Mohabir was shocked to his waist with a taser gun.


According to Alex, the three men were heading home from a wedding ceremony at Rosignol on the West Coast of Berbice after midnight when his father Deodat was attacked by approximately ten unidentified men.


The teen said that after realising that his father was being robbed he quickly informed his friend and they both rushed to the scene but the group of men started throwing bottles in their direction.


Determined to rescue his father, Alex and his friend confronted the men who fired several chops in their direction, injuring them in the process.


The suspects managed to escape on bicycles with an undisclosed sum of cash and other valuables.


According to Alex “it was ah set ah dem had me father and lashing he with glass Bottles and shocking him.”


The police have since arrested one man who is currently in custody assisting with investigations.

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