Police constable hangs self


By Malisa Playter Harry

A mother is now devastated after her 18-year-old son was found hanging in his room at around 15:30 hours this afternoon.


Police Constable 22735, Sham Kumar Persaud of Lot 1215 Chapel Street New Amsterdam was found hanging in his bedroom by his mother, Jasmattie Goberdhan Dhanraj when she returned from work.


News Room visited the home of the dead teen where persons gathered to lend support to his mother.

Devastated Jasmattie Dhanraj (mother)
Devastated Jasmattie Dhanraj (mother)

The woman who is a nurse attached to the New Amsterdam Public Hospital explained that noticing the gate was in the same position she left it when she was heading to work earlier on Sunday, she thought her son was still asleep when she returned. This is not strange the woman relating since he was out on Saturday night with some friend.


However, after completing some chores, she decided to check on Persaud and discovered him with a rope around his neck, Dhanraj said.


The devastated woman said she immediately checked for a pulse but he was already dead. She then raised an alarm and neighbours started gathering to see what have happened. However, according to Dhanraj, Persaud’s phone which was in his room was misplaced.


It is believed that the young man committed suicide following an argument with his girlfriend who resides overseas.

Sham and his brother
Sham and his brother, Havendra in happier times

According to Persaud’s older brother, Havendra Kumar Persaud, after receiving the sad message, he contacted Persaud’s girlfriend via telephone to inform her of what transpired.


He revealed that the girl said she spoke with the deceased via video chat earlier in the day during which they had an argument.


“A comment was made between the two of them that they will not be together in this lifetime and I think that was what triggered him”, the brother said.


During today’s visit to the home, it was also disclosed that the teenager has been mulling committing suicide for some time.


According to one of Persaud’s cousin, the fight between the young couple has been ongoing for about three weeks. He said about two weeks ago, Persaud messaged him and asked him to tell his girlfriend that he was going to die. The cousin recalled that he cautioned Persaud against any such move while telling him that he had his mother and brother to live for.


However, this is not the only tragedy that is plaguing the family as it was disclosed that Dhanraj’s eldest son has been missing since May.


Meanwhile, the Commander of B’ Division Mr Ian Amsterdam visited the home of the grieving family to express his sympathy on behalf of himself and the Guyana Police Force B’ Division. He pointed out to media operatives that 200 constables who were recently trained were dispatched throughout the country and 41 constables were sent to Berbice, Sham Persaud was one of those included in the 41.


Please share this with anyone you may know that is contemplating suicide.

The Guyana Inter-agency Suicide Helpline operates 24 hours, and is organised by the Guyana Police Force. Telephone -223-0001, 223-0009, 223-0818 Cellphone – 600-7896, 623-4444.

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