Over 40 Berbicians receive wheelchairs from Rotary Club


By Royan Abrams


The New Amsterdam Rotary Club has partnered with the Rotary Club of Stabroek and Food for the Poor to distribute over 40 wheelchairs to persons in regions five and six.


This is an annual initiative which has been ongoing for decades to make a difference in the lives of those in need of a wheelchair.


President of the New Amsterdam Rotary Club Ramroop Rajnauth said the distribution exercise caters for persons who need wheelchairs for the first time,as well as those who have wheelchairs but need a replacement. “We will be giving wheelchairs to those who received wheelchairs in the past, if they are back because the chair is old and need a new one then we will replace it” he noted.


President of the Stabroek Rotary Club in Georgetown Annand Harilall who was present at the event said these initiatives are not new since they have been ongoing  for years.


He said “Rotary is about serving humanity and so we work on a number of areas, we also do works on literacy and education and we also recognise that there are other issues that are development challenges that we need to work on.”


Harilall related that the wheelchair project is just one of many the Rotary has been working on.


Speaking on behalf of the beneficiaries, one of the recipients, Hilton Morris expressed gratitude noting that the wheelchairs which will assist them in their daily activities. “Thank you to the Rotary club of New Amsterdam, Stabroek and Food for the Poor for facilitating the process because persons with disabilities are like everybody else, we all need to be mobile and make progress,” he told those gathered.


Persons who missed out on the distribution can also visit the New Amsterdam Rotary club and make a request for a new wheelchair should the need arise.

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