Epileptic St. Lucian finds relief in Guyanese treatment


(ST Lucia News Online) A 26-year-old St Lucian woman who has been suffering from epilepsy for 15 years is now in a better state following a recent visit to Guyana where she received a diagnosis and treatment.


According to the woman, Sara Wilson of Ciceron, she went to several local specialists throughout her 15-year long ordeal but none was able to help her reduce the symptoms to manageable levels.


The crippling disease left her with constant seizures that reduced her ability to have a normal life for most of her time in school and early adulthood.


She was teased during high school due to the side effects of her medication she said.


I went to school and got laughed at every single day because I suffered from hair loss which is one of the side effects of the medications I was taking,” Wilson related.


A decision to send Wilson to Guyana was taken by her family after she fell sick for a total of 5 months;from the 24th of February to the 30th of July.


In Guyana, Wilson was diagnosed with a nerve deficiency which leads to the seizures.


She was prescribed an anti-epilepsy drug; Keffra and she has seen remarkable improvements since.


“Here I am today, no more in wheel chair and with my seizures under control,” she said.


Wilson had a thank you for her family and friends who stood by her during her struggles noting that she is delighted and grateful to be here today because of all their motivations.

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