Family counting losses after home collapses following heavy winds


By Royan Abrams


A Kilcoy Chesney Housing Scheme woman is counting her losses after heavy winds caused her two flat wooden and concrete home to collapse on Sunday, August 07,2016.


Eureka Natasha Marks is now contemplating her next move as it was only one year ago that construction works were completed on the building which is  home to three persons.


Speaking with reporters, the tearful woman explained that she is a worker at the Skeldon Estate and that she invested a lot of money to build the house.


She said a loan of over four million dollars was spent to complete the building.


Marks is also calling on the government for assistance in rebuilding a place where she can call home again “ah really want the president to look into this matter and assist me somehow,” the woman said.



A neighbour who witnessed the incident disclosed that his home also experienced damages but nothing serious. “I actually see with my own eye with the heavy breeze the house start coming down slow, very slow, well is my Neighbour and I try to get contact with her and she come over a while later cause she was not at home,” he recalled.



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