New road safety councils formed in Region 6



By Malisa Playter- Harry


Three road safety councils were recently formed in the towns, New Amsterdam, Rose Hall and Corriverton, Region 6 headed by the Traffic Chief of ‘B Division Bhudnarine Persaud.


During an interview with News Room  the traffic chief disclosed that previously there was a Region 6 road safety council but there were challenges associated with having one road safety council as it relates to meeting points since members were scattered across that region.


According to Persaud, “we had to devise some strategy to get persons to work and we decided to divide the Region 6 area using the three towns as part”.


The outgoing Traffic Chief noted that persons from the New Amsterdam Road Safety Council will be operating from Mara on the East Bank of Berbice to Borlam Turn on the Corentyne.


The central Corentyne will be operating from Borlam Turn to #43 Bridge whilst the Upper Corentyne Council will be operating from the #43 Bridge to Moleson Creek.


The person heading the New Amsterdam Road Safety Council will be Mr. Leon Faria assisted by Ms. Donna Mathoo. Chairing the Central Corentyne Council will be Mr. Dauren Deonarine and for the Corriverton Council will be Pandit Deo Sahadeo.


It was further related that the teams from all three councils pledged their support to the region. He noted that one of the first projects, a Driver’s Seminar which will focus on educating  persons on Defensive driving and the 5 C’s as well as providing information on the major causes of accidents on the roadways and what persons could do to reduce accidents.


It was also noted that the members of the Road Safety Council will be provided with badges and one of the regular activities will be to visit schools and provide road safety lectures and guidelines to students all across Berbice.


The main purpose of the councils would be to highlight defaulters on the roadways, educate persons on road safety regulations and also provide suggestions and solutions to the traffic department and the general public. The Councils will be funded through Fundraising Activities.



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