150 health officials graduate from Customer care training


By Royan Abrams

150 health officials from across region six received certificates for their participation in a four-week Customer Care and Service training programme, at a simple graduation ceremony. The ceremony was hosted on Wednesday, August 10, 2016, at the St Francis Community Developers in Rose Hall Town Corentyne.


Director of Public Health Services in region six , Jevaughn Stephen disclosed that the idea to host the training programme was birthed after he visited a health facility in the region and witnessed how a patient was being treated by an official.


“If we can teach them, if we could show them how to be better at what they do by basically saying the right thing or asking the right question, most of the negative publicity will be eradicated” he related.

Director of Public Health Services Jevaughn Stephen right handing over a certificate to a graduate
Director of Public Health Services Jevaughn Stephen right handing over a certificate to a graduate

The initiative is a collaboration between the Public Health Services and the St Francis Community Developers.


Speaking at the graduation ceremony, President of the St Francis Community Developers, Alex Foster noted that the delivery of customer care in the health sector needs a significant boosting.


“If the persons working in the public sector of the government can be able to treat everyone that comes through the doors of the health facilities, the hospitals or wherever they offer a service on a daily basis and we can treat them like a customer then service delivery within the health sector will improve and improve drastically” he added


Plans are on stream for continuous training for those who have completed this programme.


There are over 740 health officials in the region and it is the hope of the Public Health Service to ensure they all benefit from the programme.


The Customer Care and Services training programme catered for porters, drivers, maids, doctors, nurses and even the CEO.

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