Jagdeo calls on gov’t to “stop making excuses” and release documents regarding projects


Opposition Leader, Bharrat Jagdeo is calling on the Government to release the evaluation reports for several projects including the Specialty Hospital, the Marriott Hotel and the Amaila Road.


During his recent media conference, Opposition Leader Bharrat Jagdeo took a swipe at State Minister Joseph Harmon accusing him of telling lies.


“He has said that he does not have the records to release documents because somehow the PPP did not leave these documents even the ones they are signing now they don’t want to release…after Granger said all contracts should be released,” Jagdeo said.


The Opposition Leader further noted that “evaluation reports do not have confidentiality clauses, I am asking once again for them to release the evaluation report for the hospital…the specialty hospital. I am asking that they release the evaluation report done under the PPP for the road to Amaila Falls. I am asking that they release the evaluation report for the Marriott Hotel …for the prequalification for drugs , where new GPC won many of those contracts.”


Jagdeo said documents pertaining to contracts that are being signed currently are also not being released, citing those for the Amaila Falls Hydropower Project.


The Opposition Leader expressed suspicion that these documents are being withheld because the Norwegian Government is doing a review of the project.


He told the media that in seeking confirmation that the State Minister was dishonest about these documents, he contacted Winston Brassington, who informed that several documents were provided to the Government on a flash drive.

” I can give you the members of the media a list of the things that were on the flash drive and if the government can’t find it, I’m sure we can find it and if they give permission and release all the following documents to the media because they are hiding behind not finding things,” Jagdeo said.


According to him the Amaila Falls Handover Report May 2015,  Mandate letter January 2015,  PM letter of Commitment January 2015 among others were all on the flash drive submitted to the Government.


The Opposition Leader is concluding that Government is having great difficulty in releasing these documents because it has labeled many of the projects corrupt under the previous administration.


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