North Road shooting stemmed from argument over baby


By Leroy Smith

Police sources have confirmed that based on initial investigations and information they have received, the shooting at North Road on Wednesday stemmed from a domestic row.


On Wednesday evening, 73-year-old Theodore Adams, a gold miner shot his reputed wife, 42-year-old Sarojini Warnauth in her mouth before turning the gun and shooting himself in the head at lot 24, North Road, Lacytown, Georgetown.


Speaking with the News Room this morning, a police source confirmed that the now dead businessman, was suffering from an advanced stage of some sort of illness, however, he still had access to his licensed .38 revolver. The source revealed that the deceased and his reputed wife were having an argument and things escalated.


We were told that the man had his weapon locked away in a safe which he retrieved and shot the woman to the left side jaw before taking his own life.


The News Room also spoke to family members who disclosed that the two persons began having a domestic issue after the woman gave birth to a child which Adams believed was not his although Warnauth made him sign as the child’s father. Prior to that, he had also signed over all his assets to the woman.


According to information reaching this news outlet, up to late last evening, the doctors were battling to remove the bullet which was lodged in the woman’s throat. It was also disclosed that the doctors advised relatives that this could affect her ability to breathe freely.

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