Opposition lambastes gov’t over lack of accountability; wants Dr Norton before privileges committee


Government continues to display arrogance and lack of transparency particularly as it relates to the discussions surrounding the financial papers presented in the National Assembly. This is according to Opposition Leader Bharrat Jagdeo.


Jagdeo during a press conference on Wednesday lambasted the government for its lack of transparency and accountability regarding a number of projects.


The Opposition Leader said what is even more interesting is government’s rental of storage space for pharmaceuticals and its inability to provide crucial information regarding this project.


The storage bond which is owned by Linden Holdings Inc, is yet to be completed, however, it is alleged that government has already paid the company 25 million dollars as a security deposit.


Jagdeo said 12.5 million dollars to rent storage facility with no public tendering process is highly questionable. Dr. Norton’s statement  that the PPP paid New GPC Inc some 19 million dollars per month to rent the facility was deemed a “blatant lie.”


Jagdeo said when Parliament comes out of recess a Motion will be laid for Public Health minister, Dr. George Norton to be brought before the privileges committee for lying to the House.


Regarding the Durban Park Project, he said government is yet to declare how much money was acquired through the Private Sector for the initiative.


Jagdeo also alleged that government’s new approach to settle matters regarding tax liabilities with citizens to avoid losing appeals ois sending a wrong signal.

Citing the case of the Demerara Distillers Limited (DDL) versus government he alluded to the  fact that the company took the government to court on several occasions in an effort to evade payment of taxes.  A settlement of “a mere 1.5 billion which would have liabilities to the treasury upwards to 60 billion dollars” was granted.


The Opposition Leader called for a commission of Inquiry into this matter in an effort to answer critical questions such as who settled the matter, whether the Commissioner General, the GRA board and was cabinet involved in this decision.





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