Kilcoy/Chesney residents calling for proper drainage and electricity


By Royan Abrams

Residents of Kilcoy/Chesney Housing Scheme, Corentyne are calling on the relevant authority to provide proper drainage and irrigation and electricity in the community.


The fairly new Housing Scheme has been without electricity for over two years, despite promises to address the situation.


One woman Andrea Marks told the News Room that she has been residing in the area over a year now and although she is comfortable with living in there, the only difficulty she is faced with is the lack of electricity.


“We like the area, it’s nice, we just want the light and aide right now we using lamps and we have to go at the back (another community) to do things like charging phones and so” she added.


It was disclosed that children residing in the area are sometimes forced to stay with other relatives outside of the community to be able to study.


Another woman related that since she moved in the area, no one visited Kilcoy/Chesney Housing Scheme to say whether or not residents can expect electricity.


Additionally, she disclosed that drains in the area have not been cleared for months, causing frequent flooding.

Photo of clogged drains
Photo of clogged drain

She said ” we went into the NDC and report the flooding and they visit the area and do ah lil digging and that was it but as you can see if the rain only fall we gone flood in here.”


Another issue that is of major concern to residents in the area is the bushes that have taken over plots of land owned by persons currently living outside of the community. The bushes, residents claimed, are serving as a haven for bandits and snakes.


Recently there was an attempted rape in the community by a male who hid in a clump of bushes on a vacant plot of land.

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