Old Nurse’s Hostel destroyed by fire


A fire on Saturday afternoon destroyed a building that previously housed the Nurses Hostel in New Amsterdam.


The hostel was located at Charles Place, New Amsterdam.


According to an eyewitness, Hananayah Warde who rushed to the scene to lend some assistance, the fire began around 13:30 hrs. He noted that after he came home from Karate Classes and was climbing the stairs of his home which is located two buildings away,  he noticed smoke emanating from the top flat of the Nursing Building.


He related that he immediately contacted the New Amsterdam Fire Service and ran out to assist.  The fire service arrived 2 minutes later and began working to contain the blaze.


News Room understands that the fire may have been started by a man of unsound mind who occupies the building since it was left abandoned. According to


According to neighbours, he was seen interfering with the electric wires on Friday afternoon which may have caused the fire.


The Fire Service are currently conducting investigations.


There were no injuries as the building has been abandoned for some time.

13978020_1105444832875714_2085884810_o(Photo by Ayana Johnson)

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