Linden Town Council discussing exchange programmes


During a recent trip to the United States, Linden Mayor, Carwyn Holland had discussions with a Guyanese-born New York senator, the Mayor and Deputy Mayor of Newark and members of the Caribbean Diaspora and several initiatives were touted in which those groups can assist the mining town of Linden.



The Mayor, during a press conference today, said one of the main plans discussed, is the “twinning the city of Newark and Linden” to have several exchange programmes in areas such as agriculture, geared at enhancing the livelihood of residents.




Holland said the Council is still to engage in discussions regarding the extent to its involvement with these exchange programmes.




There are plans for eight school buses to be deployed in the 8 constituencies of region 10 to complement President David Granger’s B’s Initiative.


The Mayor said the Council is in talks with several groups for them to donate the buses and assist the region’s education programme.


He noted too that several pieces of equipment are on loan to the region to assist with the de-bushing and cleaning of drains.


All these, the Mayor said is in an effort to assist the cash-strapped municipality in moving Linden forward.




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