Brothers in custody for Angoy’s Avenue chopping spree


By Malisa Playter Harry

The three men who were chopped about their bodies on Sunday afternoon at Angoy’s Avenue are still patients at the New Amsterdam Public Hospital. One suffered a severed ear, another a severed hand and the third sustained several stab wounds to his back, head and stomach.

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News Room previously reported that Jason Wilson, 30, of Mi Mi Dam, Angoy’s Avenue, Aston Simon, 41 and Vallas Motie, 26 of Sheet Anchor Village were chopped about their bodies on Sunday at around 17:00 hrs. Wilson and Motie were at the time accompanying Simon to collect his belongings from a house at Angoy’s Avenue where he previously resided.


News Room understands that Wilson is currently in a critical condition at the medical institution as medical analysis showed that he is suffering from internal bleeding due to the multiple stab wounds endured to his back and chops to his head and stomach.


Divisional Commander, Ian Amsterdams disclosed that two suspects are in police custody while the search is on for a third.


According to Mr. Amsterdam, the men in custody are brothers, however, the police are still on the hunt for the men’s father who allegedly partnered with his sons to commit the act.


Reports stated that following information received, ranks of the Central Police Station conducted a raid on a house at MiMi Dam Angoy’s Avenue sometime last week in search of a man wanted by the law enforcers. Following the raid, occupants of the house accused Simon who previously lived at Mi Mi Dam of providing information to the police which led to him relocating to Sheet Anchor, East Canje, Berbice. On the day in question, he visited his Angoy’s Avenue home along with Wilson and Motie to retrieve the remainder of his belongings. Upon entering the house, they were confronted and chopped about the body by several men.


The sister of one of the victims who asked to remain anonymous, related that the perpetrators frequently threatened her and her brother.


“One day me a come out to go work and them say anytime them see me brother them go chop he and kill he,” she said.


Residents of Angoy’s Avenue told this news outlet, that they saw the perpetrators sharpening their cutlasses earlier in the day but thought nothing of it. The families of the victims are seeking justice since the three victims are sole breadwinners of their homes.


Investigations are ongoing.


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