Nestle to improve employability of 1,650 youths with new initiative



On Tuesday, Nestle group of companies launched an initiative to tackle the issue of youth unemployment and introduced the local market to a new product for diabetic consumers and those monitoring their calorie intake.


According to the company, it is the high number of unemployed young people globally and more so in the Caribbean, that sparked the idea.


Nestle’s Human Resources Manager, Kristin Ramlogan said the initiative will help countries like Guyana address unemployment since the company will be using distributors to connect with young people.


According to the Human Resources Manager,  in 2013 the programme was rolled out in Europe and just last year in Trinidad and Tobago with a plan to have the initiative across the Caribbean.


She said the aim is to improve the employability of 1,650 young people within the next three years.


Massy Distribution, Beepats and Distribution Services Limited (DSL) are some of the local providers of Nestle products that will be pushing the youth initiative along with their own.


Meanwhile, the food and beverage company under its Orchard brand launched a new juice which should be of health benefit to diabetic consumers and calorie watchers.


Nestle’s Senior Consumer Marketing Manager, Karina Hyland said the concept of the new product was done for diabetics and was given the approval by the Guyana Diabetic Association.


By year end Nestle will be working to have all of its Orchard products sugar content reduced to support global health efforts.

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