Reporter and vendor assaulted by NDC overseer during meeting


By Royan Abrams

A Guyana Times/TVG News reporter was physically assaulted by a female overseer attached to the Port Mourant Neighbourhood Democratic Council (NDC) on Monday, August 15, 2016.


Vendors of the Port Mourant Market last week mounted a protest calling for the NDC to look into the issue of persons selling out side of the market on Friday evenings as opposed to selling at the Market on Saturdays. Following the protest, the vendors also met with Prime Minister’s Regional representative Gobin Harbhajan at his office to air their frustration.


Unsatisfied with the response from the Prime Minister’s representative, they made their way to the NDC Office where they met with the overseer Meena Ramlakhan.


Ramlakhan was very hesitant to address the vendors in the presence of media personnel who accompanied the vendors to the office, however, the frustrated vendors demanded that she look into their concerns after which, she became annoyed and stormed into her office.


It was after returning to meet with the vendors a few moments later, a scuffle ensued between the overseer and a vendor.

Photo of Vendor and overseer engaged in scuffle
Photo of Vendor and overseer engaged in scuffle

Noticing that Guyana Times/TVG reporter was recording the entire ordeal, Ramlakhan advanced towards him to take away his camera, but was unsuccessful and decided to grab the reporter by his neck, injuring him in the process.

Photo of Overseer assaulting reporter
Photo of Overseer assaulting reporter


Efforts were made to speak with Ramlakhan, however she refused to speak to the media.


The matter was reported to the police and charges are likely to be made against the overseer.

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