Social Crime prevention initiatives being rolled out in ‘G’ Division


By Leroy Smith

The Guyana Police Force Social Crime Prevention Initiatives continue to be realised in the various divisions across the country.


Assistant Superintendent of Police Roger Pilgrim is responsible for rolling out the social crime prevention programs along the Essequibo Coast and Islands which come under the police ‘G’ Division.


During an interview with the News Room, Pilgrim noted that the initiatives are geared at meeting those in need and bringing the force closer to communities.


There is one Program where the police coordinate with residents to identify and demolish old buildings which may be unsafe for residents and which to a lesser extent may be used as safe havens for persons with criminal intent.


The Assistant Superintendent highlighted that the force also conducts lectures with young people in the areas of interpersonal skills, interpersonal violence and its effects on society, anger management and several other areas. There is also interest and engagements between the police and the community in the area of sports.


The Division has thirteen youth groups.


Additionally, there is a Drug Awareness Resistance Education program where work is conducted with the Faith Network.


The initiatives are geared at eliminating the possibility of young people ending up on the wrong side of the law.

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