Corbin among contenders for PNCR Chairmanship


The Peoples National Congress Reform will from August 26 to 28 host its 19th Biennial Congress.


It is during this event that the party’s leadership will lay out plans for the next two years and delegates will vote for the leaders from the lists of nominees.


Heading up this list is President David Granger, the sole nominee for Party leader and for the post of Chairman, four nominees; Basil Williams, Robert Corbin, Volda Lawrence and Lurlene Nestor.


For the post of Vice Chairman, which provides for two candidates there are 10 nominees two of whom have indicated their interest in running for the post.


And General Secretary, Oscar Clarke has indicated that there are 73 nominations for spots on the central committee.


However, despite all appearances of order within this 59-year-old party, there are concerns about its vibrancy and visibility; concerns which were dispelled by the party’s chairman during a Press Conference on Wednesday.


Also supporting the declaration of the strength of the party was the General Secretary who revealed that PNCR’s membership has grown from the six thousand or so members to 10 thousand.


He also indicated that more than 135 groups have submitted delegates for the congress.


The question about security arrangements at the congress was also raised given the incident at the 18th Congress in which a man in attendance discharged his firearm.


More than 500 delegates have indicated their attendance at the congress which is being held under the theme “PNCR – Vanguard of a Green Economy.”

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