Young entrepreneur continues to defy the odds despite being wheelchair bound


A few months ago News Room introduced you to 28- year- old Setra O’Selmo, who was left paralyzed after a vehicular accident, today we journeyed once again to the mining town of Linden and met with this brave young lady, who refuses to give up on her dreams, despite her injury.


News Room visited her on Wednesday  and since our last visit, she  has begun water therapy in a pool right in her neighborhood and has found it to be very helpful, not only physically but mentally, since it is one of the items on her bucket list of fears to overcome.


setra in car

“I always keep myself exciting I always tend to try new things, get out of my comfort zone, swimming was one of it, getting in a boat was another part of it and I feel so good that I was able to achieve more than one thing out of my comfort zone since the year has started…once I conquered the swimming I know getting in a boat wouldn’t be that difficult, ” she related.


She continues to strive for excellence in all she does, managing her hair salon and hosting various fashion and hair shows, and doing volunteer work, all in an effort to not only occupy her time but to be an inspiration to others.


Setra is encouraging persons with disabilities and those with other fears to overcome the challenges they face daily by taking the leap of faith and placing all negativity on the back burner.


She said “you can do anything once you put your mind to it , it’s more of determination don’t let anyone tell you, you can’t do it or let your doubts cloud your mind because if I had allowed my doubts to cloud my mind because I always thought I would have drowned, you know, because I know I can’t use my legs but I was very much determined to get over this fear and just do my thing and look at me today, I’m swimming and I still think I could go a far way.”


The vibrant young entrepreneur is hopeful that by sharing her story and her journey she would inspire persons to do more to improve their lives.


Since commencing the water therapy, Setra says her breathing has improved and she is now having fewer muscle spasms in her legs. These spasms she related occurs several times throughout the day, but they are now more controlled.


setra swimming


We also spoke with her coach, Marlon Hartman, who expressed admiration for the confidence and will power displayed by Setra, who according to him defies the odds each day, “She’s a die hard, out reaching person, I would say, caring person, athletic..even though, I won’t say disabled but may not be able to do some things, so that’s what I think about Setra.”



 setra being lifted

Setra also praised her coach for sticking by her side and helping her to overcome her fear of swimming.


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