Mother of 13-year-old demands justice for murdered son


The mother of the 13-year-old Davenand Sanchar who was chopped to death on Sunday evening at a wedding at Plantain Walk Access Road, Triumph, East Coast Demerara (ECD) when an argument ensued.

13-year-old Daveand Sanchar
13-year-old Davenand Sanchar

During an interview with News Room, 27-year-old, Sookdai Sanchar was adamant that her son was not the aggressor on that faithful night as some persons would have claimed.

Mother; Sookdai Sanchar
Mother; Sookdai Sanchar

The woman related that the family was at a wedding house when a friend of the deceased beckoned him to go outside saying “someone was calling him.” She said shortly after she received word that her son was “lying in the middle of the road in pool of blood.”


“When I run out now, somebody else reach me brother-in-law and tell and me brother-in-law call me(gesture)…me see me son lay down on the road with set a blood on he. I go to hold he and they say don’t hold he, police got to come. The police come and put me in the vehicle and them find out about who did it and one of Davenand friend, a lil bai say he see and he carry the police them and me to collect the boys them who did it” the woman related.


The mother of four added that she was convinced her son was still alive when he was taken away from the scene.


Family members of the dead child said the body has not yet undergone a post-mortem as the doctor was said to be out of the jurisdiction.


She said her family is still awaiting justice for the death of her eldest son.


“I want justice, just justice I need,” the woman said.


It was disclosed today that three suspects are in custody in connection with the murder; one adult and two children.


The News Room was told by a senior police detective that moves were afoot to secure an extension of 72 hour detention period for the three males.


Today the News Room visited the home of the adult who it is alleged instigated the other two young men to attack the 13-year-old.


His wife said that her husband who was intoxicated on the night of the incident was still in the custody of the police and she was not at home at the time the incident took place so she cannot comment on what might have transpired.


On Monday, a statement from the police disclosed that investigations revealed that while at the function, Sanchar had an altercation with some men over a female, after which he left and returned with a cutlass. It added that a further argument ensued and it was alleged that one of the men took away the cutlass and dealt him (the deceased) a chop to his head. Whilst on the ground, he was given a severe beating with a stick.

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