Region five Councilors call for special needs school in the region


Over the years, calls have been made for the realisation of Special Needs School in Region five (Mahaica-Berbice) to cater for the many persons living with disabilities in that region. However, to date, no efforts have been made to see the school a reality.


During the 8th statutory meeting of the Regional Democratic Council (RDC), councillors once again appealed for such a school in the region.

Councilors during the statutory meeting
Councillors during the statutory meeting

Councilor, Carol Smith Joseph urged the  Regional Chairman to make the establishment of the special needs school a special project and approach funding agencies to make the school a reality.


The Regional Chairman, Vickchand Ramphal agreed that there is a need for a Special Needs School in the region.


“There are many children in our region, they have disability and there is no special place for them that sometimes does prevent them from attending school, councilors” Ramphal said and as councillors that he intends to approach the various agencies that can provide assistance.


So far a plot of land has already been identified for the construction of the School at Lovelylass West Coast Berbice.

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