Region 6 has the potential to become major tourism hub- President


By Malisa Playter-Harry


President David Granger during his visit to officially open the 2016 Berbice Expo on Friday, August 20, 2016,  highlighted that Berbice has the undeniable potential to become a tourism hub.


He posited that “people can come to see your magnificent tourist product, something that is ignored”.


Mention was made of the attractions that would bring tourists to the ancient county, “the wetlands, the national bird comes from the wetlands, the Canje Pheasant”.

The President said since it is one of the rarest birds, tourists would be in “awe” to visit and catch a glimpse at the magnificence of the Canje Pheasant. He also highlighted the fact that there is such diversity in the races across the county.


The Guyanese leader pointed out that Berbice has a richness that no other region has  with its vast Agricultural accomplishments, and talented people “you have produced some of the world’s finest cricketers, so you have talent”.


The president believes that the region is still faced with several challenges as a result of a dwindling population, “migration is hurting this region.”


According to the President, region six has benefited more than  any other region with more resources being pumped there to foster it’s growth, pointing to the construction of roads and bridges, a university campus, hospitals and much more.


He charged to the Regional Administration , the Central Corentyne Chambers and the private and public sector to come up with possible solutions to the issues facing the region.

“You have to develop an economic model which evens out through the good years and the bad years and you have to diversify,” he reasoned.



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