Man found dead in home; son, others arrested


By Leroy Smith

A father of five was on Sunday evening found dead with his throat slit, at his Better Hope South, East Coast Demerara Home.


It is believed that 76-year-old David Ramkissoon called Dillip or Short Man might have been killed by bandits while he was at home alone.


News Room was told by the man’s daughter-in-law, Nalini Ramkissoon on Monday morning that the family discovered the man dead after they returned from a trip to the creek on Sunday evening. She said they became suspicious after noticing the house in complete darkness which is unusual. The gate to the property as well as the door to the home was left ajar while a hole was noticed on the fence to the rare of the yard.


“When we come home the gate was lil open and all the lights was off so me husband seh ‘whey Dillip deh man, he does normally got on the lights so how come he deh home and he nah put on light? Sometime he mussy tek wan lil shot and gone ah bed.’…so me husband go upstairs and put on the lights, he put on the downstairs light and then the upstairs” and noticed the entire house ransacked, Ramkissoon related.


The family allegedly left around 11hrs on Sunday and returned just after 1900hrs.


At their 61 better Hope home, she added that “when he go in the middle room, he see the while room tumble up, he go in he father room and he see the room tumble up. The chair cushion raised up, we got a square cabinet thing, the thing pull out…he go to the back room where he does sleep and everything tumble up…when he see the whole place rumble up, he holla fo he daddy and ask ‘whey yuh deh’ and when he run down and the place bright no with the light, then he see he father; ma son get a blue mattress downstairs; ma father-in-law deh to the chair and the mattress brace he…he kneel down and he got the mattress brace he back…and blood deh all over on the ground.”


When the News Room visited the scene the place was in a disarray with noticeable blood stains in the house. It was also found that there was a very high concentration of blood in one of the chairs downstairs which suggested that the man might have been killed in the chair.


The man’s daughter in law explained that while at the creek they tried on several occasions to make contact with the man but the house phone rang out and they thought that he was on the road “liming” as he would normally do that from time to time in the afternoons.


The woman was asked about if the family have any suspects and she made comments about the young men who are in the community and do not work but roam the streets of the community daily.


The family is also of the view that the person or persons who murdered the man might have entered the premises from the back as the fence at the back of the yard.


However, the man’s son and two of his friends have since been taken into custody. One of the friends accompanied the family on the trip to the creek while the other friend who was also supposed to be on the trip did not go as he reportedly claimed that the family was leaving a bit too late.


The police investigations into the matter are ongoing.

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