86 lives lost on roadways; Traffic Dep’t on lookout for errant drivers


The Guyana Police Force (GPF) is on the lookout for drivers who endanger their lives and those of other road users; sometimes leading to the loss of lives and limbs.


During an interview with Traffic Chief, Superintendent Dion Moore on Tuesday, he said there has been a number of unfortunate cases where road users failed to exercise due care, caution, consideration, courtesy and in some cases, common sense.


He said the department is working to minimise the instances of road accidents and by extension deaths on the roadways as best it could.


“We have upped our enforcement in terms of the number of persons we have charged so far by 10,000 in comparison to the previous year. So far, we already lost 86 lives on the roadways as compared to 79 in the same period last year” the Traffic Chief related.


Accident According to the Superintendent of Police does affect the country in many ways including its productivity and also causes a brain drain whenever lives are lost on the roadways.


He noted that the department will soon embark on its road safety program, adding that at the moment, work is currently being conducted with youths across the various divisions where lectures are also conducted on road safety practices.


Driving under the Influence of Alcohol and speeding is noted as the most common reasons for accidents.


The Traffic Cheif said the use of CCTV cameras  significantly aid in the arresting of errant drivers.

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