Digicel kicks off annual Back to School Dental outreach


On Tuesday, Digicel launched its annual Back to School Dental outreach which started with children within the surrounding communities of Timehri.


The outreach which is being conducted as part of the telephone company’s Corporate social responsibility aims to assist parents in offsetting their children’s dental expenses while preparing them for the upcoming school term. The children were also given a free backpack and other school supplies.


Photo of Children receiving their backpacks
Photo of Children receiving their backpacks

Digicel’s Communications Manager, Vidya Sanichara said “It is something that we’ve been doing for over the past 6 years and it is something that we have found to be good for the community, impacting and every year as we go to the different communities, we see the numbers growing…because not a lot of persons can afford to take their children to the dentist as often as they should.”



She noted that the outreach is being done in collaboration with the Rotary Club of Central Georgetown across seven locations.


News Room spoke to some of the parents who noted that they are pleased with the outreach as it is very convenient.


“It is very nice, it is also convenient than to have to travel till to Georgetown where there is a very longer line than this” one parent said.


Another parent noted that “I bring out my kids because he had a tooth to fill and I am very appreciative.”


The outreach caters for children within the school ages of 6 to 16 years and will end on September 1.


The company will be visiting Haruruni, Berbice, Mahaica, Tuschen, Essequibo and then to Georgetown at the National Cultural Centre Tarmac.

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