Gov’t approves $2000 to $7000 tolls for use of roads in Linden


Government has approved a proposal by the Linden Town Council (LTC) to impose tolls on road users in the mining town.


The By-Laws cited as the “Linden Town Council (Toll) By-Laws 2016” was gazetted on August 20, 2016.


According to the legislation which can be accessed via the Official Gazette, tolls will be paid for 18 different categories of vehicles at costs ranging from $2000- $7000, identified as revenue of the council. Paying points will be identified by a toll station bearing a sign.


“The toll collector, in the event that a toll demanded is not honoured, may impound the vehicle and release the vehicle after the sum has been paid in full” the By-law stated.


However, vehicles mentioned in the Schedule registered in the name of a person living in Linden shall pay a toll determined by the Council twice a year in, January and July.


It added that “Every person collecting a toll under these By-Laws shall immediately issue a receipt, ticket or bill in the form determined by the Council and each receipt, ticket or bill shall bear the approved stamp, seal, serial number or security feature of the Council.”


Exceptions to the rule will be “vehicles mentioned in the Schedule transporting essential supplies for the Government” upon notification and certification by the Regional Democratic Council.


The By-laws also authorised the Council to enter into agreements with vehicle owners, entrepreneur companies or individuals for the collection of tolls on a daily, weekly, fortnightly or on a monthly basis.


Subject to the approval of the Minister of Communities, Ronald Bulkan, the council is can further amend the schedule to add or remove categories of vehicles to be included.


Under the law, Car with goods for sale are expected to pay $2000, Minibuses with goods for sale- $2800, Small canters with goods for sale- $3000, Large canters with goods for sale- $4000, Lumber trucks with boards- $4000, 20-foot containers- $5000, Pick-Ups and 4x4s with materials- $3000, Trailers with boards- $4000, Trucks with scrap iron- $5000, Timber trucks with logs- $5000, Trailers with logs- $5000, Bedford trucks- $4800, 40-foot containers- $7000, Trucks with road building materials- $5000, Trucks with fuel- $5000, Fuel tankers- $5800, Haulers- $5000 and Haulers with machines- $7000.

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