Guyana looking to push locally grown coconut with awareness festival


The government will be designating one week during Agriculture Month to the coconut industry in an effort to ignite an interest in locally grown coconuts and its wide range of by-products.


With an eye on the international markets, the Ministries of Business and Tourism and Agriculture on Wednesday launched ‘Coconut Awareness Week’ which will include a much anticipated Coconut Festival.


Agriculture Month is observed annually during the month of October.


Business Minister, Dominic Gaskin who also holds the responsibility for Tourism said coconuts should be seen from a new and not traditional economic stand point; given its usefulness.


He is of the view that local farmers and producers of coconut products should look beyond the domestic markets.


Guyana Tourism Authority Director Indranauth Haralsingh shared the view that the festival can carry a positive image for the local tourism sector.


He said coconut is recorded as one of the country’s top three exports but unfortunately returns to Guyana mainly as value added products which is sold for double its original price.


The week will begin on October 15 in Charity, Essequibo with a speedboat parade and end with a coconut awards ceremony on October 23.


Several exhibitors from Brazil, Suriname, Mexico, India, Switzerland and the Caribbean are slated to attend the festival to showcase coconut equipment, coconut cuisine and other coconut products and by-products.

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