Tucville shooting incident validates review of gun licences- Ramjattan


By Leroy Smith

Public Security Minister, Khemraj Ramjattan has expressed outrage at the shooting incident in Tucville on Tuesday night which claimed the life Colin Perreira and severely injured 20-year-old Gail Ann Chocan.


The minister in an invited comment on Wednesday said the incident refreshes the importance of revoking gun licences and reviewing persons applying for such licences. He added that there is also an importance to conduct ongoing reviews.


“That is why…I said that I intend to go back and do these checks every year because some of these people, they get old, mentally depressed, who are very valid applicants years ago so we have to do an ongoing process and if an ongoing process is going to realise a revocation, I think it is good” the Minister said.


He was adamant that persons had a lot to say when he first announced the possibility of revocation for some persons during review of those who already have licenses but he would not be daunted.


Expressing his view about Tuesday night’s incident, the Minister said “It is an extremely sad story. I could not believe that someone, from what I am being told, see a car turn into his drive way and then he come down like a cowboy and start shooting.”


In the past, there have been claims by members of the public that in some cases persons who are licensed to carry firearms would threaten them or in other cases discharge their weapons without proper reasons for doing so.


Earlier this month, a 73-year-old miner, Theodore Adams shot his reputed wife, 42-year-old Sarojini Warnauth in her mouth before turning the gun and shooting himself in the head, at lot 24,North Road Lacytown Georgetown.


Speaking with the News Room following the incident, a police source confirmed that the now dead businessman, was suffering from an advanced stage of some sort of illness, however, he still had access to his licensed .38 revolver.


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