GDF sprinter Stewart ready for Boyce/Jefford Classic


By Treiston Joseph


Top sprinter from the Guyana Defence Force (GDF), Akeem Stewart, is ready to compete in the Boyce/Jefford Track and Field Classic, despite an injury plagued season.


Stewart, who is one of GDF’s leading sprinters, has been having an injury plagued season that has caused him to underperform so far in 2016.


Nevertheless, with the Boyce and Jefford Track and Field Classic just a few days away, Stewart is ready to match strides with his counterparts come this weekend.


“Well I’m just looking to go out and have a great day. I mean I have been having a rough time this year due to injuries, but I’ve been working very hard with the coach and he’s expecting me to pull through, so I’m going out there to have fun and compete with my fellow sprinters and enjoy the day,” Stewart stated.


However, the sprinter highlighted that the road to recovery was not easy. “It’s been slow, but most times pressuring and sometimes I’m jealous of my training partners because I does can’t do the explosive work or the programme they are doing but I still have faith in myself and believe in myself that whatever I go out and do, I will do my best,” Stewart noted.


Meanwhile, with GDF being a top contender and the GDF men winning the 4×100 last year, Stewart talked up the chances of his GDF team.


“Well the 4×1 team coming around you know we looking to break the 40s barrier, we have been running some very fast times this year so we looking to run at least a 39s, but the team have been training hard and they are confident in going out and putting their best foot forward and will be supporting 100 percent,” Stewart mentioned.


GDF will be one of the top clubs vying for the top prize of one million dollars.

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