One in custody for robbing Cotton Tree woman


By Royan Abrams


A woman is fearful for her life after being robbed at her Cotton Tree Village West Coast Berbice home on Wednesday, August 24, 2016.


According to information received, 44-year-old Bibi Mohamed was standing at the door to the lower flat of her two storey home at about 23:30 hrs on Wednesday when she was confronted by a man armed with a knife.


The suspect grabbed the victim and placed the knife to her neck simultaneously demanding cash and other valuables.


While at the lower flat of the house, a quantity of phone cards and jewellery were handed over to the suspect who was not satisfied and dragged the woman by her hair to the upper flat of the house where he demanded cash.


Mohamed handed over an undisclosed sum of cash along with two passports to the armed bandit who later escaped on foot after which an alarm was raised and the police were called in.


The police later detained several persons for questioning but no useful information was provided to the officers.


However, they were subsequently able to arrest a man at D’ Edwards Village, West Coast Berbice who they believe might have responsible for the robbery.


Investigations are ongoing.

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