Update: Man and wife in custody for No. 68 murder


By Malisa Playter-Harry


A post mortem conducted on Thursday on the body of Levan Chanderpaul , 26 years, whose lifeless body was found in the back lands at Number 68 Village showed that he died of a fractured skull and haemorrhaging.


According to the grieving mother of the deceased, Seerani Chanderpaul, she last saw her son on Monday at 19:30 hrs. she said her son told her “he ah go out and go come back in two hours”, but never returned.


mother of the deceased, Seerani Chanderpaul
Mother; Seerani Chanderpaul

The woman along with her husband went to file a missing person report on Tuesday, August 23, 2016.


She said she suspected one person whose name was given as “Tariq” (only name given) to be involved in the murder of her son.


Seerani Chanderpaul said she suspected “Tariq” since the man and her son had prior issues, which resulted in them going to court. She claimed that “Tariq always seh he go kill meh son or done way with am.”


However, she said that when she visited Tariq’s home and was told by his wife, Debbie (only name given) told her to check “behind Shamie house yuh son deh down deh.”


The woman disclosed that her now dead son was having an affair with Shamie’s wife, Nadia (only name given) since the man is overseas.


Levan’s mother said she visited the woman but received a “cussing” and left.


It was shortly after returning home, the woman said two boys went to her home and told her that they had found her son in an area located not far behind the same house she previously visited.


Meanwhile, an uncle of the deceased, Mahendranauth Doolchand told this publication that Levan’s body was clad only in his underwear with multiple chop wounds about his face, head and private parts.


Uncle; Mahendranauth Doolchand
Uncle; Mahendranauth Doolchand

It was also disclosed that the suspect “Tariq” along with his wife were taken into police custody to assist with investigations.


In addition, a source who is a friend of the deceased revealed that Tariq along with two other friends were imbibing when a conversation came up about the deceased during which they were overheard threatening to “deal with” the now deceased.

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