RDC Councillor slapped by Employee


By Royan Abrams

The police were on Friday called to address an issue at the Region Two Democratic Council which entails a Councillor being slapped by an employee of the Regional Executive Officer (REO).


According to information received, the two persons were engaged in an argument which quickly escalated.


It is alleged that the employee, Rockliff George who was handpicked to work as a checker by the REO and was tasked with monitoring all drainage and irrigation works in the Region.


He was approached by the A Partnership for National Unity/ Alliance For Change (APNU/AFC) councillor, Naith Ram who was appointed by the government as coordinator for Agriculture in the region to provide some information on drainage and irrigation works in the region. It was during the encounter around 9:30 hrs that the argument ensued.


During the argument, George became annoyed and dealt councillor Naithram two slaps about his face.


The matter was reported to the police and charges are likely to be laid against George.


Meanwhile when contacted the regional chairman Devanand Ramdat disclosed that the RDC condemns the attack on the coalition councillor Naith Ram.


He said, “as an RDC councillor and Coordinator of Agriculture he has the right to make representation to enhance drainage and irrigation which requires urgent attention due to the many challenges facing rice farmers.”


The Chairman moved to blame the REO for hiring George, noting that there have been many breaches of employment practices by the REO,  Rupert Hopkinson.


“Several retirees and close associates of the REO are seen around offices of the Regional Democratic Council without being appointed via approved procedures in the Public Service” he added.


The Regional Democratic Council is, therefore, seeking the Minister of Communities intervention.


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