Lawrence Gonsalves: Committed to celebrating the treasured melodies of yesteryear


Not everyone can be an outstanding DJ (Disc Jockey). It takes more than simply stringing together a playlist of songs and putting them on play for an audience.


A true DJ knows how to get his audience fired up and sustain that energy level for several minutes and regardless of how tired you are, you can’t resist the urge to just dance.


A true DJ understands the musical appetite of his audience and gives them a chance to “go crazy, reflect, feel like million bucks and sing a few anthems on the proverbial haters.”


A true DJ knows what you need and takes you on a musical rollercoaster. Most would know that that is not an easy job.


But with his years of pleasing hundreds of audiences over the years, Lawrence O. Gonsalves has proven that he is a true DJ. Born February 9, 1970, he caters to a different audience, the kind that is in love with the treasured melodies of yesteryear. He is also known for his skilful blend of songs which can range from different genres, like calypso, reggae, oldies, soca or even Jazz.


His undeniable talents in the DJ arena have been praised for over 12 years. The News Room caught up with this musical entertainer and he explains his love for music and his plans for the future.


This father of one informed that he grew up in Albouystown but is now living in La Parfaite-Harmonie. He said that he grew up with his father who was an aficionado of music. In fact, his father, Lawrence Gonsalves Snr., was a part of a band called, “Sip and Chat”. He was the lead singer and guitarist.


Gonsalves recalled that it was through his father that he discovered his love for music which led to him becoming a DJ today. It is a job that he thoroughly enjoys as he celebrates the music of the past with much reverence and appreciation.


He said that he also spent time as a DJ at the popular Tropicana at the Jerries Bar and Restaurant on Waterloo Street, Georgetown. He has worked several other places too.


When asked to state when he started DJing and who influenced his style, Gonsalves said, “To say when I started playing music would be kind of hard because I have always had a love for music since I was 10-years-old. I have been trying my hand at it since then but professionally, that would have been about thirteen years ago.


As it relates to what influences my style and how I play, I would say that I always try to be unique. I have a style and I don’t try to be a collage of those I admire. I use my observations to sharpen what I already bring to the table.”


But what makes this profession so interesting for Gonsalves? Well, to this he responded, “I will tell you this, I don’t think there is a greater feeling that getting your audience to be submerged in a memory, or to get goosebumps or feel extremely happy.


“It is a beautiful experience to know that you can transport people back in time and have them feel so moved to dance and sway. It’s all about communicating with your audience and that is a priceless emotion. But more importantly, I love getting my audience to fall in love with music that they never heard before or to even fall in love again with a track they haven’t heard for quite some time. This is more than just an interesting field for me. This is a way of life.”


Gonsalves also revealed that he has plans to get his own programme on the radio. Well, the News Room Entertainment team wishes this music fanatic all the best and will certainly be looking forward to great things from him.

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