Bandit snatches $1.8M from importer


By Royan Abrams

The Police are hunting for a lone gunman who snatched a bag containing $1.8M from an importer at Rose Hall Town on Sunday, August 28,2016.


According to information reaching the News Room, the victim Subramani Mangalie of Albion Front on the Corentyne was approached by a man armed with a gun, while he was on his way to make a deposit at the bank at about 10:30 hours on Sunday.


Mangalie disclosed that he usually deposits large sums of cash via the night deposit machine at the Rose Hall Republic Bank on Sundays, however, he decided to deviate from the norm on this one instance.


“I left home at about 10:23 hours with my wife (who was the driver of the car) and children in my vehicle to go to church but decided that I will deposit the 1.8 million dollars at the bank as it was already in a haversack in the backseat of his motor car” the man related.


According to the distraught man, he was confronted by the gunman when he stepped out of the car to make his way to the backseat to get the bag containing the cash, at the bank’s location.


He told News Room that “the man point a small black gun to me and ask that I hand over the money which I already had in my hand in the bag, I was so scared for my life and I hand over the bag with all the money inside.”


Mangalie noted that after collecting the bag containing the cash, the suspect escaped on foot in an alleyway towards another man waiting on a black CG motorcycle.


So far no one has been arrested in connection with the robbery but police believe that act could be an inside job.


However, this is not the first time that the Mangalie family has been robbed as bandit had escaped with over $10M dollars from the family during a previous robbery.

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