Dredging by RUSAL affecting Fishermen in Berbice


By Malisa Playter Harry


Berbice fishermen are complaining about dredging being conducted by Bauxite Company, RUSAL, which they note is affecting the industry’s production and by extension their livelihoods.


The fishermen gathered on Tuesday at the Rosignol Coop Society to discuss issues affecting them in the fishing industry.


It was noted that the dredging being conducted by RUSAL at the Upper Berbice River is allegedly causing siltation.


The fishermen noted that there is no longer a “draft in the waters” hence the fishes are not “coming in.”


They stated that less fish is being caught for the purpose of export. The fishermen bemoaned that they are now only able to catch fishes to sell locally.


Representatives from the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and the Fisheries Department were also present during the meeting.


The fishermen suggested that they be compensated for the losses incurred due to the dredging but they provided no long-term solutions to alleviate the problem. The representatives promised to look into the situation with a sense of urgency.


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