GWI fires Debt Recovery Manager


The Board of Directors of the Guyana Water Incorporated, following a specially convened board meeting today, has decided to terminate the services of Mr. Lear Goring as the entity’s Debt Recovery Manager.


Mr. Goring was sent on administrative leave pending investigations into reports that he was not qualified for the position of Debt Recovery Manager.


While the company in a statement noted that “that the decision taken was based solely on a review of his qualification for the job”, sections of the media in August reported that Goring was convicted by US authorities twice of drug trafficking in 1990s. In the first instance, after a conviction, he was deported in 1993 to Guyana. Not to be daunted, he used a forged passport to travel back in 1995 – again with drugs and was subsequently caught and sentenced to 63 months in the Federal Correctional Institution, Fort Dix, New Jersey.


The concerns were raised in recognition of the large sums of money that is usually handled by the Unit.


The company said it reviewed Goring’s credentials, which do not satisfy the requirements outlined for the position.


However, the company failed to clarify why or how he was hired in the first place.


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