‘Road to Portugal’ cancelled


The ‘Road to Portugal’ fund-raising campaign, launched on August 19 by the Guyana Football Federation (GFF), has been halted due to the cancellation of the “1st FUTURE CUP U-17 – PORTUGAL” tournament by the organisers – ‘We Believe’ organisation.  


In a letter to the GFF, the organisers stated that they were unable to attract the intended number of participants and thus were forced to cancel. “Unfortunately, we could not achieve our objectives, European countries will participate in the qualifiers of the European Championship U-17 – 2017…the other countries had given up due to the cost established…,” the letter read. 


This information was communicated to the parents on August 30, 2016 by acting President, Retired Brigadier, Bruce Lovell, who expressed regret but thanked the parents for their enthusiasm and support.


Following the invitation from the organisers, the GFF had engaged the Thunderbolt Flour Power National Men’s U-17 team and their parents and a fund-raising drive was launched.


Following their immeasurable enthusiasm, a number of projects and media appearances were planned to contribute to the overall related cost of the tournament. 


The “1ST FUTURE CUP U-17 – PORTUGAL” was intended to be an international developmental tournament scheduled for the city of Aveira, Portugal, from October 14-23, 2016 and with the participation of teams from Europe, North/South and Central America and Asia. 

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