New Amsterdam man clings to life after police shooting


By Leroy Smith

A man was this morning shot by ranks of an Anti-Crime Patrol Unit, at Savannah Park, New Amsterdam, Berbice.


At approximately 01:00hr on Saturday, five police officers from an Anti-Crime Patrol Unit in New Amsterdam swooped down on a home in Savannah Park in an effort to arrest a suspect.


23-year-old Jamal Junior Munroe called ” Ocoo” attempted to flee and was shot by the ranks.


According to the police, Munroe is wanted for a series of Break and Enter and Larceny, in the New Amsterdam District. It was added that the suspect was seen and in the process of arresting him, a scuffle ensued, during which two rounds were discharged from two of the ranks’ service revolvers, at the suspect who managed to escape into some nearby bushes.


The police said the man was later found at the New Amsterdam Public Hospital.


News Room spoke to the man’s relatives who said the man was subsequently transferred to the Georgetown Public Hospital after losing a considerable amount of blood. It is said that the New Amsterdam Hospital did not have his blood type in stock.


He is presently nursing a gunshot wound to his abdomen. It is alleged that the bullet caused damage to more than one internal organ.


His relatives indicated to News Room that the man who has since gone through one surgery is on a life support machine, as his lung is said to be failing.


Contacted this morning, Divisional Commander Ian Amsterdam confirmed that the man was shot by police ranks, however, it is unclear if the young man posed a threat to the police at the time of the incident.


The investigations into the matter are ongoing, including one by the Office of Professional Responsibility.

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