PPP calls on Int’l community to speak out against the “assault on democracy” in Brazil



The People’s Progressive Party (PPP) is condemning the impeachment of former President of Brazil Ms. Dilma Rousseff by the Parliamentary Opposition.


This, the party says is tantamount to a mockery of the democratic process in the country since Ms. Rousseff was elected to office by a majority of the Brazilian people.


“The removal of the former President is nothing short of a Parliamentary and judicial coup against the former President and her Workers’ Party which over the years have transformed the economy to a global economic powerhouse and which have lifted millions of Brazilians out of poverty threshold,” PPP points out.


Guyana’s opposition believes that the removal of Ms. Rousseff raises some serious questions regarding the role played by reactionary forces in the removal of governments which are perceived to be on the left of the ideological spectrum,especially when seen against the backdrop of ongoing attempts by forces hostile to President Maduro in Venezuela to remove him from power before the constitutionally due date.


The PPP recalls its own experience in the early 1960’s  when foreign vested interests in collaboration with local reactionary forces conspired to remove the democratically elected PPP government from office with devastating consequences for the political, economic and social life of the country.


The situation in Brazil, it says represented a case where a ‘technical’ argument was advanced by the political Opposition to derail the democratic process, which is a clear violation of the expressed will of the Brazilian people who voted for her in democratic elections.


In this regard, the PPP joins with all progressive forces in extending solidarity with the former President and the Workers’ Party of Brazil on what could only be described as a rape of democracy in the country.


The PPP further calls on the international community to take note of this unfortunate development and speak with one voice against this assault on democracy in Brazil.


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