Reduced training time affecting performance of police ranks- Ramnarine


By Leroy Smith


The effectiveness of the Guyana Police Force Instruction classes was called into question by Assistant Commissioner of Police David Ramnarine on Saturday while addressing senior and junior members of the Force, especially those involved in traffic, anti-crime and patrol duties.


Ramnarine, who is performing the functions of Commissioner of Police, took a decision to meet with the ranks after he suggested that policy decisions which were taken by the Force with respect to the conduct of traffic, anti-crime and patrol ranks, while on duty was not being passed down in the manner it ought to.


“I don’t know how effective your instruction classes are, I don’t know how much attention you pay to your instruction classes and during your instruction classes what I am aware of there have a lot of people in supervisory capacity, we have a lot of officers and ranks in supervisory capacity who are pretty young and the knowledge and experience is not there and that is a fact that is indisputable, gone are the days when you take six and five years to become a supervisor, a corporal, a lance corporal, sergeant an officer and so on today within years now two years within three years four probably four to a maximum you are eligible for promotion,” Ramnarine told the ranks.


The meeting was held with a selected group of ranks because of the constant media reports of ranks shaking down motorists , requesting documents during random stops and searches without the particular motorist committing an offense.


It was made clear that should they continue with this practice, which is considered harassment, they would be dealt with condignly by the GPF, following the necessary procedures.


A reduction in classroom time for ranks was pointed out as one of the reasons that leads to improper conduct by the ranks.


“It is also clear to me but I do understand the decision we took to condense a seven-month programme into a four program to capture a certain number that we needed that is out there, it is clear to me that we need, very quickly to return to the package of the full seven months,” Ramnarine posited.


He called for a speedy return to the seven months training for ranks given the magnitude of issues already being faced by the organization.


The Acting Top Cop indicated that while the Force is enjoying a better quality of personnel at the entrance level, speedy promotions into supervisory positions are resulting in functional illiteracy, which according to him, is very widespread in the organization.

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