Allicock/Narine bout a ‘No Contest’ after GBBC review


After careful review of video footage provided by E-Networks production team, the Guyana Boxing Board of Control (GBBC) has decided that the clash between Keeve Allicock and debutant Anthony Narine on the undercard of the ‘Bad Intentions’ boxing card is now a ‘No Contest.’


The two faced off in a four-round lightweight contest on the August 27 card at the Giftland Mall. It was initially thought that Allicock had thrown an “illegal punch” after the referee had called break, forcing his disqualification and the victory handed to Narine.


However, video evidence clearly showed Narine throwing an initial punch after the referee called break, and Allicock retaliated with one of his own. As such, both boxers have been disqualified, according to a release from the GBBC.


Below is the full text of the release issued on Monday.


“Please be advised that the Guyana Boxing Board of Control has reviewed the decision of the first fight on the Dexter Gonsalves/Demarcus Corley ‘Bad Intentions’ card held on Saturday 27th August 2016 at the Giftland Mall.


In that fight, which featured Anthony Narine in his debut fight against Keeve Allicock, the decision at ringside had been in favour of Mr. Narine by virtue of Mr. Allicock having been disqualified by the referee for an illegal blow thrown following the referee’s clear and distinct instruction to stop the action.


However, a review of the recording of the fight has yielded that Mr. Allicock’s illegal blow was in response to a blow by Mr. Narine also thrown after the referee had called a stop to the action and which in consequence, was also illegal.


Since Mr. Allicock suffered disqualification for his infraction, Mr. Narine has been penalised similarly. In summary, as both boxers have now been disqualified, the Guyana Boxing Board of Control has officially declared the bout a ‘No Contest.’


The boxers’ records will be adjusted accordingly.”


Photo caption: Keeve Allicock (left) and Anthony Narine

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