Toddler born with brain exposed undergoes successful surgery in Suriname


A few months ago News Room featured two-year-old Emannie Melvin, who was born with his brain exposed, and during that interview, his mother appealed to the public for assistance to fund his surgery.


Today we bring you news that he underwent successful surgery and is recovering comfortably.


The Champions of Change Foundation was able to garner enough funds after months of tireless efforts to take little Emannie  to undergo surgery in neighbouring Suriname.


The child was born with his brain exposed at the forehead and this has hindered his development.


Initially, the NGO was told that 14 million dollars would be needed for the surgery to be done in Trinidad, however, they were able to secure a doctor in Suriname who conducted the surgery at a cost of 5 million dollars.


His emotional mother, Felica Melvin, while expressing disappointment that her son did not get much support from the Government through the Ministry of Public Health, said she is elated that despite the struggles, her son is doing much better.




She also thanked the public for the assistance given to make Emannie’s surgery a possibility.


Meanwhile, President of the Champions of Change Organization, Sabrina Craig made a special appeal to the Government and the Public for further assistance to facilitate Emannie’s after care.



The toddler is expected to travel to Suriname, once more in the next two months for assessment and therapy.


Craig is hopeful that the organization would secure additional funds to clear off the doctor fees, which amounts to an estimated 800 thousand dollars. A fund-raiser would be held to facilitate this Craig informed.


She said they were able to get sponsorship from Digicel is Suriname after being featured by another NGO in that country.

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