Degree, Powerade cycling events on this weekend


Under the Degree and Powerade brands, national cycling coach Hassan Mohamed will this weekend stage two cycling events that are sure to test riders’ ability to adopt to two different forms of racing.


On Saturday, the action will take place at the inner circuit of the National Park with the 16th staging of the DeSinco Trading 11-race programme under the Degree deodorant brand.


The first race will pedal off at 09:00h, with the BMX riders taking centre stage, followed by the seniors throwing down the gauntlet at each other. Team Coco’s Junior Niles will look to successfully defend the title he won last year in the main race- the feature 35-lap School Boys and Invitational.


Junior Niles
Junior Niles

He clocked one hour, 18 minutes, 22.77 seconds, but would be hard-pressed to repeat the feat with a large field of riders set to compete. Niles also won the Veterans Under-50 race in 2015, while Jamal John (Juveniles), Ozia McUally (Mountain Bikes) and Toshawna Doris (12-14 Boys and Girls) were also winners.


On Sunday, the riders will switch focus to the road for the sixth annual Powerade road race in West Demerara, sponsored by Banks DIH Limited.


The race will start in front of the Wales Police Station at 08:00h, proceed to Uitvlugt and return to the Demerara Harbour Bridge for the finish. On the upward journey, the riders will turn into the Parfaite Harmonie access road at Schoonord, turn at the junction and return to the public road to continue the ride to Uitvlugt.


Raul Leal
Raul Leal

Raul Leal is the defending champion, having won last year’s event in one hour, 55 minutes, 10.83 seconds, while John (Juniors), Jude Bentley (Veterans Under-50), McUally (Mountain Bikes), Doris (Females) and Walter Isaacs (Veterans Over-60) were the other top performers.


Representatives of both companies would be present to witness the races and assist in the presentation of prizes at the conclusion. Both activities are being coordinated by national cycling coach Hassan Mohamed in partnership with the Carlton Wheelers Cycle Club.

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