NDC Chairman accuses Region 6 Vice Chairman of misusing region’s assets


By Malisa Playter- Harry




Haseef Yusuf,Chairman of the Kilcoy/Hampshire NDC and PPP councillor in Region six, during a recent press briefing claimed that the Regional Vice Chairman, Dennis Deroop has allegedly instructed to have one of the region’s excavator do work on a private land.


“There is a small excavator which was assigned to Kilcoy/Chesney NDC to clean the drains and canals, it is being used to do private work”, Yusuf told media operatives.


According to Yusuf, “normally the Chairman, the overseer, the head of the works committee would sit and make schedule as to which area should be prioritized in being excavated using the small excavator, but this was not done”.


News Room understands that the excavator was scheduled to be used in Belvedere where there are reports of heavy siltation in the canals, which resulted in flooding.


The NDC Chairman said, “without my knowledge and without the knowledge of the overseer the vice chairman moved the excavator to High Reef, Albion Front to do his private work which it is alleged that people are paying money for the work to be done while we have emergency work to be done” .


Yusuf pointed out that it is not the first time something of this nature has occurred.



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