PSC calls for establishment of Public Procurement & Integrity Commissions


The Private Sector Commission is calling for the speedy operationalisation of the Public Procurement Commission, the Integrity Commission and other institutions that erase the perception of corruption, which is necessary in a democratic society.


The PSC in a statement today (September 6, 2016) said, “failure to so do will create an all-time lack (of) interest by our society in our national politics.”


The body reminded that the government had committed to the establishment of these entities and called for good civil society members, regardless of their political affiliations to be placed on the commissions.


” We believe that the time has come for an end to the procrastination on these matters and for the Government and the political opposition to give effect to the commitment they have made to the nation on the setting up of these Commissions,” the statement said.


The PSC reiterated its call for the appointment of an Ombudsman, all of the tax tribunals and all other appeal mechanisms that lead to the citizenry’s rights being protected.


“We believe that the failure to establish these entities poses a threat to legitimate business activities, creates unfair business to business competition and indeed is the reason why some legitimate businesses cannot stand up to new competition.”


The Government is being urged to also fully operationalise the Financial Intelligence Unit and to equip the entity with the necessary personnel to investigate and prosecute financial crimes.


It reminded that “money laundering is a scourge all over the world that cannot be ignored here in Guyana.  It creates unfair advantages for legitimate companies by the lowering of prices beyond cost.  It eliminates legitimate competition and feeds into the drug trade.”


“We appeal to all of our politicians to put Guyana and its legitimate tax payers first.”





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